Meditate Anywhere

One of the best practical aspects of Vedic meditation is that you can do it anywhere. You don’t need a candle, incense or yoga mat. You don’t need to sit in a special posture or hold your hands in a particular position. In fact, the teacher’s guidance is very simple: Sit comfortably, close your eyes for a few moments, and begin your mantra. Don’t worry about thoughts; let them come; then gently bring the mantra  back.

Ambient noise isn’t an important factor, either. Yes, you can settle in for Vedic meditation anywhere. I’ve meditated on trains and planes; in churches, Quaker meeting houses, libraries, cafes, art museums; on park benches and sitting on the ground with my back against a tree. I’ve meditated inside quite a few theatres and adjacent areas, including the bar in the Swan Theatre at the Royal Shakespeare Company and the huge lounge area at the National Theatre. (It’s fascinating to me that, in over forty years of practice, I have never been approached or bothered while I’m meditating in a public place. I don’t know what the mechanism is –psychic? energetic? politeness? what?– but it just doesn’t happen.)

There are, of course, yoga asanas and breathing techniques that can be done before and after meditation to enhance its effectivenes. And a nice, quiet place is the ideal setting. But these are perfect conditions and not always possible.

Regularity of your practice is crucial to realizing its full benefits. There are lots of meditation techniques, and each person’s need is unique, as is his/her steadfastness in regular practice. That daily practice is important, however, and Vedic meditation is very flexible. When you’re running late, you don’t have to skip your meditation. You can do it on the train or during your lunch hour.You can reap delicious life benefits through this simple routine.

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Esoteric Tantra

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From Esoteric Tantra (excerpt), by Jia Khechari

Human beings have been deprived of knowing their sacred and spiritual origin and therefore are easily led astray by desires, fixations and cravings of all kinds, especially cravings for love, sex and acceptance.

Sex and spirit are one thing and are not two things to be kept apart. The mystery, beauty and magic of life is in the union of sex and spirit. In order to regain emotional and spiritual integrity, human beings must acknowledge their sexual and spiritual origin as a oneness. Tantra says to use desire to go beyond desire, use sex to discover and become one with the ultimate, join with your partner in love and remember your origin.

There is no part of your being that is not already engulfed in love. You are love and the totality of your being is of the nature of love waiting to be engulfed in bliss. When this is realized, the cravings stop and the fixations dissolve.

Your being is a oneness and a wholeness that defies description. When you meditate on this reality you will see the immortal light that never goes out. When this knowledge is attained, fear disappears, pain dissolves and is separation is forgotten. You are an immortal light that never goes out. Your being is beyond description.

It is only the foolish who chase after sexual pleasures when they hear the word ‘tantra’. The wise engage with a suitable partner in order to see the light of liberation within.

When a spiritually informed man has found a suitable partner to be with, he should request permission to worship her vulva as the Goddess and thereby attain oneness. When a woman of the sacred has found her Siva she should let go of her shields in order to experience in the deepest trust, the sublime awakening of knowing herself as the Goddess in form.

When the divine couple realizes that they are a sacred oneness, then they will attain the sublime reality that knows no divisions while yielding to the greatest bliss attainable to human beings. It is the great bliss that brings liberation to beings as all needs are met within the sublime eternal moment.

To bask in bliss consciousness is to bask in the glory of divine awareness. Do you look at pictures of the sun when you wish to become warm? To be warmed and transformed by divine bliss you must become unified with the source of divine bliss.

Devoted tantra adepts both male and female commit their lives to knowing and living this reality. Wise and devoted tantra adepts both female and male know that to become spiritually eroticized in bliss consciousness is to become a liberated being.
Do you know of another spiritual path that is more wondrous than this?

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Atheists’ Body Language Says “Closed”

The thing about atheists that I note repeatedly  is their arrogance.

I noted it again recently on the BBC programme, The Big Question, a discussion format show that addresses three or four topics for an hour with invited panelists from varied organizations, a small studio audience, and three recognized writers  or experts who hold different viewpoints on the topics.

The invited atheist panel sat in a front row next to the invited religious panel.

During the introductory remarks, the atheists sat with their legs crossed, their arms folded across their chests, their chins thrust slightly forward. Their body language was stiff, strident, disrespectful, dismissive– arrogant.  As the talk proceeded, they interrupted other speakers frequently, probably because they didn’t pay attention to speakers with different experiences or opinions.

The religious panel members  sat relaxed, shoulders back, arms at their sides,  hands relaxed  in their laps. They watched other speakers, listened, allowed others to finish their sentences. They were serious but didn’t take themselves too seriously. They were respectful while holding their ground.

This is a vast generalization, I realize. But I’ve listened to and seen a lot of discussions between atheists and spiritual people,  and the behaviour I’ve just described is characteristic.  The only rivals that come close to the atheists  in their arrogance, from what I’ve seen,  are the radical right wing fundamentalists of the American South and Midwest. I’d like to see Pat Robertson, or the late Jerry Falwell, who was witty and articulate as well as repressive, in a room with some of these self-aggrandizing atheists. Now, that would be a slanging match worth seeing.

Kabbalah: New CD Series to Work the Sephiroth

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Malkuth – Pathworkings CD

(1st in a set of 10)

Hermetic Kabbalah Series

Pathworkings and Life Force Institute have co-operated to produce a series of life changing recordings which are now available by online purchase in CD-Rom form.  I experimented with the first in this collectable Hermetic Kabbalah series, Malkuth.  Yes, positive changes have occurred to me since then and are continuing to happen, so please read on

The series is based on the age old principle of ascension through the divine qualities known as the Sephiroth, placed on the Tree of Life glyph. Malkuth (10), or the Kingdom at the base of the glyph, represents the physical world and stability; higher sephiroth (9 to 1) go deeper into the psychological and spiritual levels of our existence.  It is vitally important to be anchored in Malkuth, as we don’t need any more “Space Cadets,” “Bliss Ninnies” or others who are so “heavenly” minded that they are no earthly use.

For the experience, you will need a good set of  stereo headphones.  I used mine on a Walkman portable player.  It must be stereo because there is a sonic aspect you will miss in mono. The recordings all use binaural beats* designed by Michael, who is a professional coach and teacher of esoteric disciplines. His techniques provide powerful tools to transform yourself.  The meditations include a unique musical soundtrack for each of the sephiroth and there is one  sephirah upon which to meditate  per disc. The full set is 10, plus an 11th for Daath afterwards.

Each sephirah can assist you with a different aspect of your personal growth and empowerment, and they build cumulatively, so it is not something to be rushed. You need to listen actively to one several times before moving on to the next one.

My first impression of the website and the disc is that high quality is the standard of Life Force Institute. The slip case is very attractive and makes you want to complete the set. The website is luxurious in its style. Fortunately, this matches the highly professional sounds on the disc.

The musical background is both pleasant and purposefully relaxing as well as obviously functional. It’s not ambient but quite different. The binaural beats use modern know-how to change your brainwave patterns, I would have thought, judging from how it felt. The balance of music volume to spoken word volume is really good.  I had no difficulty at all in understanding the well enunciated instructions.

If you have done any kind of Pathworkings before on the Tree of Life, you will be familiar with the idea of entering a visualized Temple and contacting friendly entities, different ones for each sephirah. They appear to give guidance and interact with you. It is cleverly done. Whether you think they are only imagination, or they are more than that, or that imagination is really useful, is up to you.  I would keep an open mind and just do the Work, which is the point of it.

The Work here is to engage you in a review of yourself and a dialogue with the deeper aspects of your core. This inner aspect will differ, depending on which CD you are using. They will build and increasingly harmonise your inner being. The aspects covered by each sephirah are summarised usefully on the website, if this kind of spiritual anatomy is new to you.

If you know a spiritually “switched on” friend who worries far too much, this should be very helpful on two fronts! It is relaxing and entirely pleasant.

The full set is priced at $299 but there is an attractive discount available and alternative options. Contact: for further details.

If you want to know more about how this general type  of guided visualization work developed, I suggest that you could usefully study The Inner Guide Meditation, by Edwin C. Steinbrecher, The Mystical Qabalah, by Dion Fortune, Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss Ph.D. , and the teachings of Psychosynthesis developed by Roberto Assagioli.

*Binaural beats happen when two tones of slightly different frequency are presented separately, one to each ear, over stereo headphones. It must be a very small difference and the frequency needs to be under about 1,500 hertz. They generate the entrainment of brainwaves and have applications in relaxation and pain relief. You may be surprised to hear that they were observed as long ago as 1839 by one Heinrich Dove. They were not widely known until a 1973 article appeared in Scientific American. They can be used in the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. Robert Monroe has done further work in the Monroe Institute. Some researchers are testing their application in Psi development.

Beginning Tantra – Two Books for a Start

©2008, Ramona K. Silipo. All rights reserved.

The best book about Tantric initiation that I’ve ever read, and I’ve read dozens, is Tantric Quest: An Encounter with Absolute Love, by Daniel Odier. First hand experience is always the best teacher, and this book is an intimate, detailed and thrilling account of Odier’s own initiation into Tantra. The book is accurately titled, because he did set out on a quest, and he ultimately found his teacher, and the experience that he shares in his book is moving, exciting and inspiring. Although it’s a man’s story, the principles and practices we read about in the story apply to women as well, and the book is so exciting, I re-read it immediately.

For a completely different approach and view of tantra, Tantric Love, by Ma Ananda Sarita and Swami Anand Geho is a visually stunning book and is filled with fundamental teachings and detailed descriptions of Tantric practice that you can easily follow. The introduction included this message, which is, I think, one of the most important elements of Tantra:

“It is possible to enter the Tantric path from wherever you are. If you are angry, you can use your anger as a meditation. If you are full of passion, you can use that too . . . If you bring acceptance and consciousness to what you experience, it will automatically be transformed into its divine aspect.”

This book gives you ancient principles and concepts in a Western context and vocabulary, but without losing the spiritual and ethereal aspects of Tantric tradition. There are also detailed and beautifully illustrated instructions for chakra massage, varied forms of meditation and simple Tantric practices. If you follow this book closely and with intention, it is possible to experience some of the fundamental wisdom and great joy of Tantra.