Inspired and Inspiring: Thom Knoles

If you ever get a chance to hear Thom Knoles speak, TAKE IT!  I’ve written here before about the quality of the teacher-student relationship in India and the kind of teaching we expect here in the West.

Thom Knoles straddles the boundary between the Indian teacher-to-student relationship and the European classroom lecture method. He is revered in India as a great teacher with comprehensive knowledge of the Vedas; and he is looked to by his students in the West for his direct and gentle style of teaching profound and life-affirming concepts from the Vedas.

Vedic meditation is a simple practice in and of itself. Each student receives a mantra chosen specifically and individually for that student, and the practice is simply to use the mantra twice a day for a brief period, usThomually about twenty minutes. Hundreds of studies show the various positive effects of this daily practice, from such mundane benefits as lowering blood pressure and improving the grades of high school students who practice regularly; to enhanced cognitive functions and spiritual awakening. The practical improvements are the principal reason that most people decide to try it out. The more profound and intangible effects are why most people continue to meditate every day.

Thom teaches the Vedic meditation practice. But his teaching goes far beyond the simple initiation ceremony. He brings concepts and beliefs that are millennia old to his Western students in a way that no other teacher I’ve known or read has done. Thom’s teaching is unique and delightful because of his gift for finding stories and examples to illustrate these complex concepts in terms and situations that are completely and instantly recognizable to his students. He does not reduce profound truths to pithy quotations or a series of steps. Rather, he raises his students’ understanding of a concept with empathetic selection of slices of modern life.

Recently I went to Thom’s talk, “The Conscious Design of Happiness,” in London. The content of the talk was practical and spiritual, delightful and illuminative, all at the same time; but what most inspired me was Thom’s gentleness, directness and simplicity. He needed no fancy “visuals,” no staging, no notes. He sat quietly, comfortably and informally in a chair and spoke for over an hour. I’m sure he had an outline in his mind of what he wanted to cover, but he allowed his intuition to guide his talk and the specific examples he chose. As a teacher myself, I was delighted and encouraged to be assured by example that simply having the knowledge in one’s mind and trusting in the moment to give cues about content can actually work.

Speaking briefly with him afterward, I saw in a personal moment the same simplicity, directness and self-knowledge that comes across publicly. He is, as my California friends say, The Real Deal.

Link: Thom Knoles

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