Quakerism – A Thought from Pink Dandelion

Was clearing some things off my desk, putting books back on shelf, throwing old notes in the recycle bin, and stopped to flip through Living the Quaker Way, which I read last winter after taking a course from Ben Pink Dandelion. Although thoroughly scholarly in his academic career, Ben is also a deeply spiritual man who can write simply, clearly, freshly and wholly from the heart and soul:

Quakerism is our attempt at collective congruity with the workings of the Spirit and it can change as it needs to. The future of how we practise our faith lies in all of our hands and hearts, in our collective discernment. There is no ‘they’ in Quakerism, only ‘us’, and we are all learning all the time, open to new Light, continuing to seek along the spiritual path we call the Quaker Way.

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