HOLY TERROR – Religious Fundamentalists’ hate mongering

The Tea-party movement is simply the ‘religious right’ in disguise. Half of those who identify with the Tea Party consider themselves a part of the old ‘religious right.’ They believe the Bible is the literal word of God and that America is a Christian nation. Sixty-three percent believe that abortion should be illegal. Eighty-two percent oppose same-sex marriage

Think about it. The Tea-party movement represents a clear and present danger NOW not just to the gay community but to all Americans who refuse to support the values of the Christian right or join them in making this a Christian nation.  –Rev.  Mel White

About Holy Terror: the Lies the Christian Right Tells us to Deny Gay Equality:

“Mel White’s Religion Gone Bad reads like a page-turning whodunit. His careful recounting of the rise of fundamentalism in America is both chilling and enormously instructive. While religious progressives have been sitting around hoping that everyone would play fair with other faithful people, the fundamentalists have been planning and implementing a strategy for taking over the Christian church and the government. Religion Gone Bad (now Holy Terror) is a wake-up call to religious progressives to take back the Bible and stop being fearful of telling the story of our own salvation at the hands of an all-loving, all-merciful and inclusive God.The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire

I’m reading this now, almost finished, and I tell you, it is frightening. It’s also completely disillusioning for anyone who blithely believes that all self-identified “Christians” truly seek to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. The vitriol, the ignorance, the hatred and the power-seeking that is exhibited by  Fundamentalist preachers and organization founders are direct attacks on the souls and lives of anyone who doesn’t agree with them, and absolutely deny the teachings of peace and love that Jesus gave us.

Gene Robinson is right; the book is a page turner; because not only does Mel White know the history of the Fundamentalist Christians in the USA backwards and forwards, he also knows the MEN (and yes, they are all men) who started the current movement, knows their minds and their plans; and he makes completely logical conclusions about what will happen if they succeed.

Also, Mel’s writing style is completely accessible. He doesn’t write down to the reader, but he deftly writes of complex concepts and, frankly, frightening ideas in clear, almost conversational language. It’s a history book, but it isn’t. It’s theology, but it’s more. It’s a personal political statement, but also a personal spiritual mission statement. You’ve just got to read this book.

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