Esoteric Tantra

© Jia Khechari. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

From Esoteric Tantra (excerpt), by Jia Khechari

Human beings have been deprived of knowing their sacred and spiritual origin and therefore are easily led astray by desires, fixations and cravings of all kinds, especially cravings for love, sex and acceptance.

Sex and spirit are one thing and are not two things to be kept apart. The mystery, beauty and magic of life is in the union of sex and spirit. In order to regain emotional and spiritual integrity, human beings must acknowledge their sexual and spiritual origin as a oneness. Tantra says to use desire to go beyond desire, use sex to discover and become one with the ultimate, join with your partner in love and remember your origin.

There is no part of your being that is not already engulfed in love. You are love and the totality of your being is of the nature of love waiting to be engulfed in bliss. When this is realized, the cravings stop and the fixations dissolve.

Your being is a oneness and a wholeness that defies description. When you meditate on this reality you will see the immortal light that never goes out. When this knowledge is attained, fear disappears, pain dissolves and is separation is forgotten. You are an immortal light that never goes out. Your being is beyond description.

It is only the foolish who chase after sexual pleasures when they hear the word ‘tantra’. The wise engage with a suitable partner in order to see the light of liberation within.

When a spiritually informed man has found a suitable partner to be with, he should request permission to worship her vulva as the Goddess and thereby attain oneness. When a woman of the sacred has found her Siva she should let go of her shields in order to experience in the deepest trust, the sublime awakening of knowing herself as the Goddess in form.

When the divine couple realizes that they are a sacred oneness, then they will attain the sublime reality that knows no divisions while yielding to the greatest bliss attainable to human beings. It is the great bliss that brings liberation to beings as all needs are met within the sublime eternal moment.

To bask in bliss consciousness is to bask in the glory of divine awareness. Do you look at pictures of the sun when you wish to become warm? To be warmed and transformed by divine bliss you must become unified with the source of divine bliss.

Devoted tantra adepts both male and female commit their lives to knowing and living this reality. Wise and devoted tantra adepts both female and male know that to become spiritually eroticized in bliss consciousness is to become a liberated being.
Do you know of another spiritual path that is more wondrous than this?

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