When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.

Sinclair Lewis might be astonished to see how right he was.

Is anyone else tired of self appointed “Christians” giving all of us a bad name? I mean, really, kidnapping children in the middle of a disaster area. What could they have been thinking? Were they delusional?

Living abroad, I am frequently embarrassed by the behaviour of Americans on the underground or at the theatre or even just walking down the street.  Loud, arrogant, graceless, usually complaining about something, they lumber around London in a state of constant dissatisfaction. Why don’t they just stay home, I often ask myself?

But this, this expedition specifically to steal children from Haiti and take them back to the great, ignorant “Christian” midwest of  the USA — again, what could they have been thinking?

I left the USA seven years ago, when Dubyah stupidity and arrogance were in full swing. All my friends kept telling me, “You got out just in time,” and several of them actively pursued their own efforts to move to other countries –the UK and Canada being first choices. I have friends now living in Denmark, France, Netherlands, Canada… all of whom miss some things about America (mostly food items, believe it or not), but are pleased NOT to be associated with Dubyah and the America he typified.

Lately I’ve been watching a series on television called “Hate in America,” about the various groups that are actively recruiting new members and spout their various hate programmes– the Klan, American Nazi Party, Aryans, Skinheads, etc. While these are a minority of Americans, I believe that they dare to speak what many more people think. It’s only a matter of degree. Organizations such as Focus on the Family and Operation Rescue operate on fascist principles as well.

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