Tantra: Secrets of the Energy Body

From The Flowering of Light, Secrets of the Energy Body
by Jia Khechari

. . . men and women must harmonize and merge their energy bodies in order to fully benefit one another.

. . . the energy body of men is mostly pushing outward while the energy body of women is mostly pulling inward.

. . .the pulling force of women is greater than the pushing force of men and that it is also slower and more stable.

. . . the pushing force of men tends to be somewhat erratic and less predictable than the pulling force that women have.

. . .when the pushing force of the male energy body is linked with the pulling force of the female energy body that the co-mingling of energies synchronizes in order to restore and repair both energy fields.

More by Jia Khechari:http://www.tantra.com/kamasutra/sensual_intimacy/passionate_worship.html

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