The Language of God(dess)

©2008, Ramona K Silipo. All rights reserved.

My sense has always been that God speaks to each person in the language that s/he best understands. And that the language we can comprehend changes when our life experience changes us. So, someone who is a mathematical genius with no concept of Oneness as a teenager might end up being a writer about amazing spiritual journeys at 40, because pure science convinces him/her that there must be a Divine Intelligence

I also see that we “get” information when we need it and not before. This comes partly from my channeling of the spirit guides, who sometimes say to someone, “You don’t need to know that at this time.” Then if the person comes back a year or even years later and ask the same or a similar question, the answer comes. It’s also partly from traditional prayer work, in which we have to learn to ask for what God wants us to have, not what we think we want.

In Tantra (well, some branches of tantra; there are hundreds of threads, because it was still handed down teacher to student until very recently), we consider quite often the difference between material desire (i.e.our own ego’s working) and Divine Passion (inspiration or God’s leading). We also spend quite a bit of time talking about needs vs. wants and individualism vs. universal mind.

Differentiating between “ego desires” and “soul yearnings” (using different words for different people) is a frequent theme from the spirit guides. Leading people to understand the Universal Consciousness requires baby steps a lot of the time. In the 30+ years I’ve been doing the channeling a few patterns have, of course, emerged. The most obvious I have observed is that people who meditate, who do some sort of personal, individual spiritual practice striving toward the Light, always are given much clearer answers and much more information than others. This is partly because they ask much clearer and less ego driven questions, I’m sure. But it’s also because their meditation practice, giving them moments of transcendence, makes them more capable of comprehending

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