Tantra Happens

©2008, RKSilipo. All rights reserved

When I first started working with my teacher Jia, in the very beginning, when we seemed to be doing nothing but lots of deep breathing in different ways, he told me, “You’ll be able to raise kundalini at will, just by thinking about it.”

At the time I had my doubts. But it’s true. Once you’ve learned the core knowledge of Tantra, and the practices become second nature, you can feel that energy whenever you want to.

And whenever you repeat the steps of your practice, the energy will flow. You can move it through your body and feel the Divine Presence lift your spirit and your mood to ecstasy. Or you can focus it in one chakra for opening, healing or expanding your awareness in that chakra. At first it takes a lot of effort. But eventually it becomes just the way you approach living, whether it’s lovemaking or problem solving.

Sometimes It’s easy to forget this, that is, that Tantra can fill you up on all levels– spiritually, emotionally, physically. Then suddenly you get a nice reminder… like a ten-minute full body orgasm.

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