Weaving the Mundane with the Spiritual

©2008, Ramona K Silipo. All rights reserved.

It’s interesting. I’ve wanted all these years to erase the line between spiritual life and everyday life, and I’ve just realized that choosing these paint colours is an example of what I’ve been trying to do.

Seems pretty mundane, deciding what colour to paint a room. But it’s not just a matter of decoration. Colour is very, very powerful. Our responses to colour are not simple. We respond psychologically, emotionally and physically. For instance, a measurable weakening of muscles happens when people walk into a room painted certain shades of pink. But on the emotional level, pink, even cool hues of pink, usually makes people feel warm, relaxed and receptive. That’s why it’s considered a romantic colour.

Looking at the colours at different times of day, considering the times of day we spend the most time in each room, considering the emotional and psychological responses and THEN considering the spiritual connotations — i.e. a green aura indicates healing power and a violet aura indicates spiritual devotion, etc. — well, it’s subtle and complex. I’ve almost always used grey walls as a neutral canvas and put all the colour into the furnishings, and people’s responses have always been that my house is peaceful. Well, I want the peaceful sense, yes, but I want colours now that also reflect the joy my husband and I have together and the spiritual energy we want to share.

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