Beginning Tantra – The Jewel in the Lotus

Yoga is the science of expanding Consciousness. The Eastern view of the nature of humankind is very different from the Western. In the East, they see the human essence at one with God and with the Universe. They understand that ultimately we can access that Universal Intelligence or Consciousness that supports life in the Universe.

That’s the first paragraph in a book that is widely considered a Tantric classic, The Jewel in the Lotus, by Sunyata Saraswati and Bodhi Avinasha.

Tantra Yoga is the Sexual Path, a vast and ancient system of rituals and practical techniques which use the great creative energy of sexual passion to propel you into higher consciousness. The rites and rituals are very powerful . . . Tantra is not a license for sexual abandon, as the practice requires great discipline.

This book details some of the basic “secrets” of Tantric Kriya Yoga. It is clearly written, with good diagrams and illustrations, and its foundation is the spiritual path of Tantra.

But books won’t do it all for you. They are a good beginning, and a reasonable substitute if you can’t find a teacher near where you live, but ultimately you will need to find a teacher to guide you to Tantric initiation.

Until you find that teacher, you can’t do better than The Jewel in the Lotus (publ. 1987, Ipsalu Publishing and widely available).

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